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Home/ People Of Determination / I can not see properly
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Welcome to the page of People of determination - I can not see very well page

Please select from below three option to go to respective page. If more information required please do contact RTA Help line 8 0 0 9 0 9 0 or fill the call back form to get help from RTA representatives. Please use up arrow and down arrow to move across sections and use tab to navigate inside sections. click number zero to go back to People of determination landing page.

RTA Help line: 800 9090

I find difficulty in

Smart Services

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Parking Permits for People of Determination and Senior Emiratis

Click the link below


Apply for a Personal nol Card

Click the link below


Transport using Taxi for People With Determination

Click the link below to learn more

Exemption from Salik Fees

Click the link below

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Please put your contact number in the filed and our representative will get back to you to assist you to avail our services

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Note: This service is not for any customer except people of determination. Anyone, other than the people of determination, if found using this service will be penalized.

Home/ People Of Determination / I can not see properly

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