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Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in today's world, making the provision of high-quality infrastructure facilities absolutely imperative. With that in mind, and the high priority allocated by the government of Dubai to the provision of an advanced transport network for the people of Dubai, RTA endeavors to improve the public transport and develop roads across the emirate to make travel safer and smoother.

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  • Contributing to the rise of Dubai

    RTA has always been an accommodating entity that moves ahead collaborating and partnering with the private partners. Investment opportunities are ideated with keeping private players in mind and such partnerships are encouraged by the RTA to let Private Organizations and companies to collaborate, through Joint Ventures, PPP, concessions and contracts model. These associations not only enable companies to earn profits but also help in getting the expertise of private sector. There is a history of successful partnerships with private sectors especially in the area of Joint Ventures, Real Estate and Advertising concessions, contractual partnerships.

    Furthermore, RTA has unveiled many projects boosting public-private partnerships (PPP) based on the UAE’s leadership vision to support agreements between the public and private sectors. With a vision to become "The world leader in seamless & sustainable mobility" RTA is right partner to get associated with as you will become partners with a forward thinking organization that aims to develop & manage integrated and sustainable roads & transportation systems at a world-class level, and provide pioneered services to all stakeholders with commercial benefits, and support Dubai’s vision through shaping the future, developing policies and legislations, adopting technologies, innovations & world-class practices and standards.

  • Our legacy
  • Our legacy

    RTA has been investing heavily in the growth of its urban transportation infrastructure, which is driven by the growing demand for urban mobility as well as achieving Dubai's aspirations.

    In particular, the UAE Vision 2021, aiming to position the UAE among the most competitive countries, provides a strong framework for public transport development. Moreover, the ambitious plans for Dubai (Dubai Plan 2021) and the corresponding vision of Dubai Government to invest in the development of Dubai highlight the need for stronger urban transport infrastructure as the backbone of this expected growth.

    Therefore, we are envisioning partnerships with private and other public sector investors to enable RTA to finance its projected growth in a sustainable manner.

  • Success stories
  • Success stories

    RTA had successful partnerships with private players in the past and have unveiled new projects in association with global private partners. Some of the projects are:


    • Operational contract to manage metro operations with Serco
    • Advertising concession with Hypermedia
    • Retail Concessions with leading retail conglomerate
    • Joint Venture with Careem (Hala)
    • Development of Union 71 in Collaboration with a global partner
    • Development of new generation of bus shelters in association with the private sector.



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