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Apply to Register as a Driver Licensing Service Provider

This service enables you to obtain a preliminary approval letter to start the licensing procedures for a driving institute in Dubai to practice the activity of driving training including occupational driving, advanced driving and safari driving. It also enables you to register and accredit an eye test centre or hospital from the list of accredited centers/hospitals to provide drivers licensing services.

Apply Now
Apply Now
UAE citizens only are eligible to apply for a licence to operate a driving institute. As for the eye test centers and hospitals, citizens and residents can apply to register as drivers licensing service providers.
Required documents

Driving Institutes

  1. Letter from the investor stating the details of the application and the proposed institute location.
  2. Copy of the Emirates ID
  3. Detailed layout of the centre facilities

Eye Test Centres and Hospitals

  1. Copy of the trade licence
  2. Company's logo
  3. Copy of the owner’s Emirates ID
  4. Copy of the company manager's Emirates ID
  5. Dubai Health Authority licence
  6. Copy of the authorisation letter (if any)
Service fees

Driving Institutes

  • 500 AED for the preliminary approval
  • 5,000 AED to issue the permit for the annual commercial licensing
  • +20 AED Knowledge and Innovation fees.

Eye Test Centres to upload the eye test results and renew the driving licence

  • 36,000 AED for 3 years (franchise right) for signing the agreement
  • 3,600 AED (10%) for 3 years as a bank guarantee.

Hospitals and Eye Test Centres to upload the eye test results and register

  • This service is free
Process time

For Driving Institute

  • 10 working days from the date of submitting the report from the Licensing Institution to the Board of Directors

For Eye Test Centres and Hospitals

  • 10 working days.
RTA Headquarters
  • RTA HQ - Ground Floor

Through RTA Headquarters - for applications related to Driving Institutes

  1. The customer submits the application with the required documents to the Licensing Agency (LA).
  2. The customer submits the engineering plans of the facility, the training tracks and the types of vehicles to be operated.
  3. The Technical Committee studies the plans according to the adopted technical specifications, and transfers the customer to the Traffic Department at RTA to obtain the necessary approvals regarding the study of the impacts on traffic, and the entry ways and exits.
  4. Once all above-mentioned approvals received, the Traffic Department sends a letter to the Commercial Transport Activities Department requesting an NOC for the customer to issue the trade licence at the Dubai Economy and Tourism.
  5. The customer pays the required fees.
  6. Once all construction work accomplished, a site for the institute is created in the Licensing and Traffic smart system linking both systems and enabling the institute to start their training activity.

Through RTA website - for applications related to Eye Centres and Hospitals

  1. The customer submits his application and the required documents through the website
  2. The application is transferred to the concerned department to review the application and the attachments.
  3. The concerned department inspects the site(s) of the applicant.
  4. In case of preliminary approval, the agreement is prepared and signed.
  5. An account is created for the centre/hospital on the traffic system to start providing the service.
  6. The centre or hospital is activated in the system and given the necessary permissions.
Average waiting time
  • Website: Instantly.
  • RTA Headquarters: Unidentified.

Driving Institutes

  • The validity is determined according to the period agreed upon when signing the activity practice agreement after the investor has completed all the construction work in the institute.

Eye Test Centres and hospitals

  • 3 years from the date of the agreement signature.
What you will get
  • Driving Institutes: Approval letter from RTA
  • Eye Test Centres and Hospitals: Account creation and activation in the traffic system
Terms and conditions

Driving Institutes

  • The customer must be 21 years old or above and has a good conduct and no criminal conviction or a breach of honour or of the public trust doctrine.
  • The total area of the land where the facility will be built and its surrounding area must not be less than 300,000 square feet.
  • The customer must obtain the approvals of all other parties concerned in the activity in Dubai, if applicable.
  • Conditions, stated in Executive Council Decision number 38/2018 related to the regulation of driving learning activity in the emirate of Dubai and its implementing regulations, apply.

For Eye Test Centres and hospitals, the applicant must provide the following requirements:

  • Dubai Economy and Tourism Licence
  • Dubai Health Authority Licence
  • An eye test equipment (Eye Test Centres)
  • e-wallet
  • A specialist (optical technician) in Eye Test Centres
  • A waiting area for customers
  • POS machines in all their centres
  • A sign board displaying DHA licence
  • A sign board displaying the service fees.

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