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Press Releases

24 Mar 2022

Launching awareness initiatives targeting delivery service sector

an image during the awareness session with Dubai Police

The General HQ of Dubai Police and the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) have launched a series of awareness initiatives targeting the delivery service sector to enhance road traffic safety. 

An announcement to this effect was made during a press conference held at the Dubai Police Officers’ Club at Al Jaddaf in the presence of Brigadier Dr. Salih Al Hamrani, Deputy Director of Excellence and Pioneering Department, and Colonel Juma Salim bin Suwaidan, Acting Director of Traffic. From RTA attended Abdullah Yousef Al Ali, CEO of Licensing Agency, and Eng. Husain Mohammed Al Banna, Executive Director of Traffic Department, Traffic and Roads Agency.

“Dubai Police and RTA have launched several traffic safety initiatives to encourage drivers of delivery motorbikes to comply with the approved international standards of health and safety, intensify the training of motorcycle drivers, and encourage them to drive better to ensure a safe road environment. To achieve these objectives, we rolled out initiatives for companies and drivers to encourage them to comply with safety standards. Such compliance will result in reducing behavioral and traffic violations of drivers. Polls will be made to probe the opinions of companies and motorbike drivers in this regard,” said Brigadier Dr. Salih Al Hamrani.

“RTA adopts an integrated strategy and clear roadmap to enhance the traffic safety of all road users. RTA has regulated and introduced governance measures for the delivery service sector in line with the national agenda of the UAE, and the traffic safety strategy of Dubai Government,” said Abdulla Yousef Al Ali. “In this regard, RTA worked closely with the Dubai Police General HQ and partners from the delivery service companies to chart an organizational structure as well as a regulatory manual for the sector. The aim of this drive was to streamline the business of the sector and ensure its sustained growth, which will also enhance the competitiveness indicators of Dubai at the global level. Dubai has become one of the best cities in the world in terms of traffic safety, infrastructure, and legislation governing the traffic movement. 

“The regulatory framework for the delivery sector includes several key aspects including revising the requirements related to drivers and motorcycles, developing a specialized training material for drivers, running law-enforcement measures on regulatory requirements and a list of quality violations, besides holding awareness workshops for drivers and companies and circulating the requirements for delivery companies,” he added. 

Colonel Juma Salem bin Suwaidan, Deputy Director of the General Traffic Department, spoke about the strategic cooperation with the Roads and Transport Authority. “This cooperation aims to enhance traffic safety and run joint awareness campaigns to educate drivers of delivery motorbikes. Coordinative meetings were held with the competent bodies to make joint efforts, streamline processes, control attitudes that trigger dangerous accidents, and organize field awareness campaigns in all congested roads, especially at peak times. 

“The most frequent violations made by motorbikes’ drivers are wrong turns, overtaking from road shoulder, wrong parking, parking motorcycles on sidewalks, failure of adhering to the mandatory lane, non-compliance with traffic signs, and the lack of leaving sufficient distance behind the vehicle in front. Violations also include driving in the opposite direction of traffic and driving a motorcycle that is uninsured and or has an expired registration. The Dubai Police issued 20,312 violations to motorcyclists in 2021 and seized 880 motorbikes during the same period. The Dubai Police opened channels for the public to report drivers' wrong behavior, including the "We are all police" service and the "Police eye" service in the Dubai Police smart application,” added Colonel Juma bin Suwaidan.

Eng. Hussein Al Banna stressed the importance of adhering to traffic safety standards and maintaining the safety of road users, which is a shared responsibility among all parties. He called upon all motorists to observe the safety distance, become more attentive while driving and follow traffic instructions to avoid accidents.

“The traffic safety strategy of Dubai has been developed to cover four key topics aimed at achieving zero deaths. It corresponds to the government's direction to rank Dubai amongst the safest cities in the world in the field of traffic safety. The targeted indicators of the traffic accident mortality indicators specified in the UAE National Agenda, Dubai Plan 2021, and the Dubai Traffic Safety Strategy have been achieved. Accordingly, initiatives to raise the level of traffic safety for motorcycles to deliver were included in the Traffic Safety Strategy (2022-2026).

“RTA is working tirelessly to achieve the highest standards of safety and quality to curb the number of traffic accidents. The objective is to become more competitive in the traffic accidents and fatality indicators to achieve the global competitiveness in the accident indicators related to the delivery sector, such that it fits well with the global profile and good image of Dubai,” added Al Banna. 

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