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Apply for a Permit to Advertise on Taxi Vehicles

This service enables you to obtain a permit for the franchise companies to advertise on the taxi vehicles body.Accepted applications cover the following types of advert campaigns: Commercial campaigns, non-commercial campaigns allowing advertising agencies to promote their brand name, social responsibility campaigns, and RTA juvenile welfare campaigns.

Apply Now
Apply Now
Licensed companies by RTA to transport passengers by taxi are eligible to benefit from this service.
Required documents
  1. Copy of the advert design and the concept of poster display on the vehicle, approved by Dubai Municipality Advertisement Department.
  2. Submission of an excel file listing the vehicles to advertise on, or selection of the vehicles to advertise on through RTA Smart Licensing and Traffic System.
Service fees
  • 300 AED monthly per vehicle (the part of the month shall be considered a month).
Process time
  • 10 minutes.
  1. The customer submits the application to advertise on taxi vehicles through RTA website from the company’s account including the main information about the advertising campaign:
    • Campaign type (commercial/non-commercial)
    • Campaign duration (from-to), considering part of a month is a full month
    • Start and end date of the approval letter from the Dubai Municipality
  2. The customer uploads the supporting documents.
  3. The application is sent electronically to the company to complete the procedures and settle the required fees through cash, credit card, Debit card or e-Wallet:
    • A e-payment notice is issued through the Revenue Management System (RMS) for the customer to settle the fees at the Customer Happiness Centres
    • Online payment directly through RTA Website.
  4. The system is automatically updated after the customer settles the fees, and the company’s application is flagged "Active".
  5. The company prints the advertising permit and vehicles list through the system.
Average waiting time
  • Instantly.

During the period of the campaign.

What you will get

Permit to advertise on taxi vehicles.

Terms and conditions
  • The company must commit to the campaign end date and remove all the adverts to avoid a contravention notice from the Transport Activities Monitoring Department.
  • The company must comply with the terms and conditions stated in Dubai unified guide of outdoor advertisement.
  • Installing advertising posters without paying the advertising fees exposes the company to a violation.
  • Advert campaigns can be renewed after paying the renewal fees (except for free campaigns).
  • All vehicles to be advertised on must be inspected and monitored by the Transport Activities Monitoring Department at the Public Transport Agency.
  • Companies are allowed to advertise on 100% of the total number of their fleet vehicles.
  • The advertising agencies of Dubai Taxi Corporation may promote their brand name on a specific number of taxi vehicles according to the agreement signed with the said agencies.
  • Applications to amend the advertising campaign must be submitted 3 days prior to its start.
  • 3 vehicles can be changed during the permit validity period in case of an accident or any other reason, through submitting a vehicle change application on the system directly. A notice is then sent to the concerned parties at the Transport Activities Monitoring Department.
  • Question 1: Does the 10% allocated to RTA include Hala Taxi stickers?

Answer 1: The 10% does not include Hala Taxi stickers.

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