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Installing Safety Equipment for Heavy Vehicles

VSS is an optional service through which a smart telematics device is installed in heavy vehicles registered in the emirate of Dubai allowing heavy vehicle owners and fleet owners to enhance their operations through tracking the movement of their vehicles and the behaviour of their drivers.

Apply Now
Apply Now
All companies that own non-government commercial heavy vehicles that are registered in the emirate of Dubai are eligible to apply for this service, except for the following vehicles: heavy vehicles belonging to governmental entities (civil defense, ambulance services, Dubai police), vehicles registered under Dubai police Secure Path programme and Dubai municipality RASID programme, trailers, light vehicles, commercial vehicles owned by individuals, buses (heavy, light), mechanical equipment (heavy, light), vehicles registered in other emirates, and the internationally registered vehicles.
Required documents
  1. Valid trade licence issued by Dubai Economy and Tourism or any Dubai free-zone authority
  2. Valid vehicle registration issued by RTA
  3. Valid driver practice permit issued by RTA.
Service fees
  • 1,000 AED as device fees, first time installation and activation, and a card reader
  • 500 AED as yearly subscription in the system
  • 120 AED per driver for the issuance and activation of the driver's tag ID
  • 600 AED per year per telematics device for the roaming services (optional)
  • +20 AED Knowledge and Innovation fees for each transaction.
Process time
  • Company registration: 5 minutes.
  • Installation and activation of the device and card reader: 25 to 60 minutes (depending on the vehicle, model and mechanical condition)
  • System access and activation: Upon completion of installation.
  1. The customer logs in to the company’s account on RTA website.
  2. The customer selects Licensing Services from the dashboard.
  3. The customer clicks on Licensing then My Plates.
  4. The customer selects the plate number of the vehicle he wants to equip.
  5. The customer clicks on VSS Telematics Device from the More Actions tab.
  6. The customer agrees to the terms and conditions after reading them, and enters the number of requested cards if he wants to issue new VSS ID cards.
  7. The customer settles the required fees.
  8. The customer sends an email to or calls the customer service team on 600560005 to book an appointment to install the telematics.
  9. The company receives a reminder 48 hours prior to the appointment and has to make the vehicle available for installation at the requested date, time and location.
  10. The company’s drivers receive a training on the Vehicle Safety Service, then submit the Emirates ID and driving licence through email to upon training completion.
  11. Once the VSS driver cards are printed, the service provider contacts the drivers to collect the cards at the service provider’s VSS facility centre. The drivers can also request to print the VSS ID cards during the devices installation at the service provider’s VSS facility and must provide the scanned or physical copies of their Emirates ID and driving licence.
Average waiting time
  • Instantly.

1 year from the date of payment.

What you will get
  • Installation and activation of the device with card reader
  • One year subscription in the system
  • Issuance and activation of driver tag ID
  • Roaming services for one telematics device (Optional).
Terms and conditions
  • Vehicles with an existing telematics devices are required to install the VSS device adopted by RTA, either with the installed device or instead of it.
  • The telematics device, driver's tag ID and reader come with a 5 year manufacturer warranty only.
  • Should the telematics device, driver tag ID and reader be lost or damaged, additional replacement charges apply.
  • Companies can request VSS installation in their premises if they have a dedicated space on site.
  • For more information please call Vehicle Safety Service - Call Centre: 600560005.
  • Question 1: How can the customer apply to replace a lost or damaged telematics device, Driver ID Card, or reader?

Answer 1: The customer can apply for the replacement of a telematics device, Driver ID Card, or reader through RTA Website. Once the payment processed through the website, the customer heads to VSS Ras Al Khor Service Centre for the replacement of the device and to collect the driver card.

  • Question 2: What are the fees for the replacement of a telematics device, Driver ID Card, or reader?

Answer 2: The replacement fees are 1,000 AED for the telematics device, 500 AED for the card reader, and 100 AED for the driver’s ID card.

Home/ RTA Services / Service Details

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