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Transportation is an essential part of any society. Advances in transportation have driven changes through the way in which societies are organized, the evolution of cultural cohesion, improvements in social benefits, driving economic growth, enabling connectivity locally and globally and allowing for improved technology, creating more efficient and environmentally friendly transport systems – therefore; greatly influencing the development of civilizations. As a result of government direction and initiatives such as UAE Vision 2021, RTA has taken a leading role to adopt sustainability measures throughout the organization with a well-defined sustainability framework. By embedding sustainability policies, procedures and management processes, RTA will have the opportunity to have a more holistic approach to its current sustainability practices, creating positive change within the spheres of environmental, social and economic impacts, assuring its position as a leading government entity in the UAE for sustainability.

RTA is upholding the highest standards of quality and performance in all its operations. RTA endeavor and will continue to strive to implement and achieve the maximum of our potential as we undertake this sustainability journey.

Corporate Social Responsibility is taking into account the social, environmental and financial impact of all our decisions and actions. In this respect, we have greatly contributed to the unprecedented growth Dubai has witnessed across all sectors in the last decade. We endeavoured to ensure the development of the city in the most optimal way, through world-class infrastructure and new modes of travel.


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Home/ About RTA / Sustainability

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